Summer Semester 2020 COVID-19

The institute's teaching staff will offer lessons as possible. For that, new or previously lesser used methods challenging all of us will be used. Therefore, it is going to be an educational summer for all of us.


On this page you will be kept up to date on our various lectures.

Numerous lectures are now offered as courses on OpenOLAT. You will find these in OpenOLAT's catalog in the sections "05 Philosophische Fakultät" and "06 Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät" in the folder "Prähistorische und Historische Archäologie" after registering with OpenOLAT. Registration for the courses will be possible from April 15 at the latest. Participation will not be possible without prior registration.

Since Prof. Dr. Piezonka's lecture "Jäger-Sammler-Welten: Paläolithikum und Mesolithikum in Eurasien" had to be postponed to the following winter semester, PD Dr. Nakoinz' lecture "Zentralität" can also be used for the modules Gg1 and Gv1.

Lectures offered on OLAT



Advanced Seminars

Mobilität und Geopolitik in der Eisenzeit

Sklaverei und Zwangsarbeit in der Vormoderne



Proseminar III

Mensch und Umwelt

Chronologie der Eisenzeit

Befestigungsanlagen der Eisenzeit

Jungbronzezeitliche Bestattungen

Scientific Chronological Frameworks

Einführung in die Grabungstechnik

Verkehrsgeographie und Wegeforschung I

Verkehrsgeographie und Wegeforschung II

Literaturübung Komplexität


Mesolithische und neolithische Feuchtbodenfundplätze

Kriege und Konflikte in der Moderne

Wissenschaftliche Fachpublikationen



Politische Archäologie

Scientific Colloquium

Kolloquium für Examenskandidaten I: Prähistorische Archäologie


Block Event Lectures at the End of the Semester

Advanced Seminars

Entstehung der Schrift

Die Wikinger


Ackerbau seit dem Neolithikum

Zeichnen und Analysieren von Metallobjekten

Grenzen und Räume

Summer School Moin

Summer School MOSAICdata


Lectures Moved to Winter Semester 2020/21




Advanced Seminars

Flint – Steel of the Stone Age


Einführung in die Geoarchäologie

Vorbereitung Jahrespflichtexkursion

African Paleoenvironments and Human Evolution

Museen in Schleswig-Holstein


Cancelled Lectures

Allgemeine Vorbesprechung

Conceptualizing Climate Change Archaeology

Bronze Age Round-Table

Ofenbau und Technik des Keramikbrennens

Praktikum Ofenbau

Phytoliths in environmental archaeology


Internships, Excursions, and Colloquia

The institute's colloquia will not take place this semester. Especially for master's students who have to produce five protocols whithin the scope of module Iv2, there is the possibility of participation in the Biweekly Colloquia of the cluster of excellence ROOTS/CRC 1266. For further information, please contact or

The compulsory annual excursion will also not take prace this semester. It has been postponed to March 2021. On short notice, Dr. Walter Dörfler will be offering a one-day bicycle excursion to the region around Lütjenburg. Registration takes place online via OpenOLAT. Participation will be decided by order of registration. 

Certification of Preliminary Examinations

Usually, preliminary examinations are certified with a so-called "routing slip". If personal submission is impossible due to sprecial COVID-related circumstances, pleas ask your lecturers for an informal confirmation of your successful completion by e-mail. A printout of this e-mail is then to be submitted to the lecturer with whom the associated examination is to be taken the following semester.

Literature for your Studies

Please use the usual digital media and repositories for your studies. In addition to the existing refernces to catalogues, the university library also offers information on supplementary teporary media offers. In order to be able to use digital sources like JSTOR, you may have to dial into the university network via VPN.

VPN and network load: If you use FortiClient for a virtual private connection to the university network, all of your network traffic will be routed through the VPN. Please use the connection only when necessary and terminate the connection once you are done.

Additionally, please use the following research options and digital journals, publications, and expert information. A connection to the VPN will mostly not be necessary here. 

  • Propylaeum : comprehensive compendium of digital journals and further resources
  • digitale Bibliothek Thüringen : numerous digital and retro-digitalized publications
  • Dialnet : spanish research catalogue for digital journals, dissertations, and documents
  • RACO : catalan register for catalan online journals
  • Persée : french research catalogue for digital journals, publications, retro-digitalizations, and more


DGUF Help for Master's Students

The German Society for Pre- and Early History (DGUF) has set up the #DGUFNothilfe fund. It is intended to help master's students of all archaeological branches who are experiencing immediate economic hardship due to the COVID crisis through no fault of their own. The aim is that thanks to a little less worry about their livelihood, they can concentrate vetter on the digital summer semester of 2020.  Master's students of ALL archaeological disciplines are eligible to apply. You must be enrolled at a German university in the summer semster of 2020. The maximum funding amount is ac one-time payment of EUR 450 per applicant. Lower sums of EUR 150 or 300 can also be requested. The criterion for awarding funding is individual emergency of the applicant, which has to be a direct and acute result of the COVID crisis and is not due to own fault. Application is possible regardless of DGUF membership. Members of DGUF receive no preferred allocation. Applications can be sent to until May 15, 2020.


We strive to continually update the information provided here.